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The 4 worlds of Floramedia; from design to success

By 28 December 2016News

Discover the 4 worlds of Floramedia and experience the way in which creativity, content, multimedia and print cooperate to help you grow your business. Let us take you on a journey.


The way to a new concept starts at creativity. Here, we carefully check where value needs to be added, what your market looks like and what the perfect design is for you. From label design to complete packaging, we’ll develop your product into a successful concept.


Floramedia has a lot of plant content available; there are thousands of pictures that can be used immediately by our creatives for your concept. Do you want your unique plant to be photographed? Our photographers can take these pictures just for you in our professional photo studio.


Besides beautiful packaging with gorgeous photos there is another world to win; the online world. For successful branding, an interactive website is essential. Thanks to our experienced multimedia specialists, we know exactly what your website needs. This could include: instructional videos, a well-defined navigation or a community of frequent website visitors.


After the creative process, the addition of bespoke photography and an effective website, we enter the final phase: the printing of your labels and plant packaging. After the application of the 4 worlds of Floramedia, your plants will be ready to conquer the market as a real brand and a distinctive product.

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