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Added value and practical solutions for organic farming packaging

By 4 June 2019Products


At Floramedia we are good at making labels but just as good at producing and designing packaging! We can carry out the entire production process, from design to folded product, in-house. We are therefore happy to come up with creative and practical solutions for your flower or plant.

Stand out at the point of sale
Packaging not only serves as protection but also offers a range of options for adding value. It is the icing on the cake of your product.
Consumers only need a fraction of a second whether they notice a product. If you manage to stand out, you have the attention of the customer. How can you do that with a package? We would like to help you! You can quickly increase the attention value with an exciting design, a special printing technique or a beautiful finish such as a TTTC paint.

Our recommendations for added value on printed products:
A print stands out with a glossy foil. What do you think of a chic gold or silver foil, or a glittering quality mark? In this way, you emphasize the quality of your product and it quickly gets a luxurious or glamorous look.

Make your design come to life even more? Then choose to emboss! This technique creates a nice relief on your packaging. Due to the height or depth in your printed product, it may be seen and felt.

A refined technique that we are a big fan of is TTTC; Two-Tone Top Coat. By playing with matte and glossy layers of paint, elements stand out even more and the most beautiful creations are created.

Every extra plant on the Danish trolley reduces the costs immediately!
A packaging that stands out is beautiful. But a packaging that stands out and also ensures optimum shipment, that is of course fantastic! Protecting plants, processing products easily, optimal loading on Danish trolleys during transport: that is why we also like to think about transport and logistical solutions.

Curious about our options for your new flower or plant packaging? Let us know!

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