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Augmented reality is real

By 11 January 2017News

Augmented reality is getting more and more embraced by our society.

Augmented reality game

The most recent example of this uptake is the immense success of Pokémon Go. This augmented reality game can be downloaded onto your mobile or tablet. By playing this game, people are encouraged to go out into the real world to catch Pokémon. Through augmented reality you can see Pokémon standing in your garden!

Combines content with reality

Augmented reality combines computer-generated content with reality. Meaning you will be able to see things on your screen that are not really there. This technique can also be applied to the green sector. There are endless ways in which augmented reality can enhance experiences and increase interaction within the green industry.

Examples in green

For example, in green retail consumers would be able to virtually decorate their home with house plants to see what it would look like. Sounds like a very convenient tool for making choices! Interactivity between your product and the consumer is guaranteed.

Extra text or videos

Imagine a quick scan of your label or packaging by a customer and immediately a short informative video starts playing on the customer’s screen with all information needed about plant care, or even perhaps a time-lapse video of the plant or flower to see how it will develop, eventually reaching its mature stage. Do you have texts in multiple languages on your label? Using augmented reality helps you to save a lot of space, as these texts can be added virtually.

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