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August gardening tips

By 11 January 2017News

Even though it is still summertime, the growth and blossoming of most plants is declining. So make sure to really enjoy your garden whilst it is on its prettiest.


Because of the warmth and the sun, plant irrigation will be the main activity this month. To prevent evaporation, the best time to water your plants is in the evening. To prevent lawn burn, make sure not to cut the grass too short. The water level of the pond is less likely to drop when you add high water plants which create shadow.

Be sure to remove old flowers, as your plants won’t have to use as much energy in making seeds. Now you are able to enjoy the blossoming of new flowers much longer. Roses are very susceptible to pests and diseases this month, so remember to keep an eye on them.

The vegetable garden

Check on a daily basis if you can harvest your cucumbers, zucchini and eggplants. Younger vegetables have more flavour and a better texture. To prevent cracked tomatoes, it is best to stop watering tomato plants when the tomatoes are almost ripe.

Pruning plants

This month is the time to trim the Escallonia, rose, berry and Rubus shrubs. Also the conifers can still be trimmed. Don’t forget to cut away the dead flowers of your lavender plant; but don’t remove too much green or it will not survive the winter period.

Propagating plants

August is the ideal month for taking plant cuttings. How about the retro plant geranium? This trendy garden bloomer makes a lovely balcony plant. In just five simple steps you can grow a new geranium from a plant cutting. You need:

  • A healthy geranium (mother plant)
  • Potting mix
  • Sharp clean knife or pruning shears
  • Propagator
  • Watering can

The 5 steps:

  1. Prepare the propagator – Fill the containers with potting mix and water them.
  2. Make your cuttings – To make your cuttings, select healthy growth that’s 5 to 7 centimetres or 2 to 3 inches long. Try to make a sharp cut.
  3. Pot up your cutting – Remove the leaves on the lower half of the shoot so you have a bare stem left. Now pot up your cutting.
  4. Create the ideal growing conditions – Use the lid to cover up the propagator, this way the high humidity creates the perfect growing environment.
  5. Repotting the plants – After 14 to 20 days your plants should grow roots and you can repot them into a bigger container.

Enjoy your garden!

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