Manage your processes from anywhere

Apps give you control

With an app for smartphones and tablets, your customers and employees can always interact with your products and processes from anywhere. However, it is important that your app is developed by a company that understands the processes in the floriculture industry like no other. A company such as Floramedia. We can provide apps developed for Android, iOS and/or Windows Phone that are fully integrated with your website, ERP system or company software.

Everything stars with an idea

Maybe you already know exactly what you want, or perhaps your page is completely blank. An app for your internal organisation can simplify your planning, administration or sales processes, follow a production line or alert you to disruptions. A commercial app can allow your customers to actively interact with your product or service. Together, we will examine the possibilities and whether an app is the right thing for you.

easy and
always in control
intuitively handling
complex processes
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launch within
a few months

It’s easy!

An app is nothing more than a small computer program that quickly and securely handles specific tasks. They have to be intuitive in their use and not require extensive instructions or study on the part of the user. As such, app development requires a great deal of advance planning, but luckily, that is nothing new for our programmers. Together with you, they analyse your objectives and produce a design that works.

Offline availability

Apps intended for Internet processes must always work, even if they have no connection to the Internet. We build apps in such a way that you will always be able to use them and as soon as you are back online, you will be able to execute your tasks while your corporate information is protected by a robust security system.

Get started now for less

We have become very good at building apps and thanks to our basic framework, we can easily and quickly develop apps for a broad range of uses. For you, this means a well-working app delivered quickly for a very competitive price.

Do you want to deploy an app this quarter?

When you decide to begin developing an app with us right now, it could go live in just a few short months. So contact us now to set up an initial meeting.

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