Virtual or augmented reality

the future is here, at Floramedia

Entrepreneurs who wish to profit from cutting edge digital technologies but aren’t quite sure how often ask us:

• How can I get young consumers involved in our green products?
• How can we turn 50 pages of dry information into an exciting green experience?
• Can we employ 3D glasses in training our personnel?
• Can virtual reality take the place of the pilot shop in researching consumer behaviour?
• Could we project 3D images onto our building to spice up an event?

In all honesty, we do not have all the answers – yet. But it won’t be long now! Floramedia is actively developing itself and stockpiling all the expertise it will need in-house to be able to help our customers with virtual reality experiences and augmented reality apps.

involve young consumers
with your products
effective way to
train your personnel
simulate greenery
in urban settings
your imagination
is the only limit

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a digitally created environment that can be explored using an interactive 3D headset, for instance. A famous example of this in the Austria is from the DWDD (De Wereld Draait Door) broadcast in which Matthijs van Nieuwkerk took a virtual ride on a rollercoaster using the Oculus Rift and literally fell off his chair. This technology is being employed in education, for instance in training pilots to fly.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality involves overlaying reality with a virtual layer. This makes it possible, for instance, to try on clothes in a department shop in front of an AR mirror. You will see your real reflection augmented with virtual clothing. It is also possible to simulate greenery in urban settings or to virtually decorate a home with house plants, all via an average smartphone or tablet.

The only limit, is your imagination

The applications in the area of virtual and augmented reality are so broad that it is almost impossible to imagine. We are already seeing businesses applying these technologies in their communications and we are ready to help you do so too.

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