Learning through play influences behaviour

our games reach your employees and clients alike

Game-like elements are perfect for motivating your customers and enriching their experiences. In adults, game play remains a significant aspect of establishing social connections, learning skills, and understanding relationships and situations.

Gamification – directing behaviour through play

We can deploy games or playful tools in the process of achieving personal or organisational objectives. For instance, a game could be used to provide your customers with more insight into your product, help your employees to learn to work together better, or even to strengthen the bond between you and your clients.

as a result
directing behaviour
through play
let your employees
cooperate more efficiently
Floramedia gets
your clients started

Make the connection

When people play a game together, empathy is the natural result and this is just as true of when someone plays ‘with’ your company or product. As long as the game is logically connected to your brand and is sufficiently relevant to your target group, that is.

Gaming is serious business

If you would like to know more about gamification, i.e. deploying play in the process of achieving your objectives, then contact us and in no time, you will be discussing ideas with our experienced game experts.

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