Selling your products online

we can provide a great webshop

If you would like to sell your products or services online, but aren’t sure how, we can help you establish an effective webshop, link it to your own business software and plot out a successful strategy.

Turning browsers into buyers

Once your webshop is live, we will work on converting browsers into buyers. It is often possible to boost sales results with just a few small adjustments, such as the colour or position of a button, the placement of an image or the phrasing of the text. By always testing adjustments in a practical setting, we will work towards optimising your webshop together, and it will be reflected in your sales and profits!

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Quick and easy – from the homepage to the checkout

A webshop’s success depends on a large number of factors. In general, you can say that the easier it is for buyers to find their way, the higher the sales will be. This is achieved through nuances in colour (i.e. sufficient contrast between the text and background), clear, attractive images, comprehensible product descriptions and even by providing videos to convince the customer of a product’s quality.

Layout is also important. Users have certain expectations, such as where the logo or home button should be and how the menu should work. If you want customers to find their way to the checkout quickly, you have to meet their expectations as fully as possible. We would be happy to help you build the most user-friendly webshop we can.

Prominently present on Google’s shopping street

Even the best webshop isn’t worth the code it’s written with if it cannot be found. Google’s virtual shopping street is an important source of customers, which is why we provide professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. In addition to publishing well-written, well-structured texts containing relevant search terms, there are many other ways to attract search engines, such as the structure of the URL, the header texts, the page titles, meta tags hidden in the site’s code… it all counts. Even the speed with which the site loads and whether or not your webshop can be accessed via mobile devices help to score a high ranking with Google. We enjoy building and filling websites that meet all these criteria, and which are then given prominent spots in Google’s search results.

Fast, safe and simple payments

Even though payment is the final part of the purchasing process, it mustn’t be the last thing to be considered in the site’s design. The easier it is to make a purchase and more secure your payment system, the more likely it is that customers will decide to buy. Together, we will determine which payment method is preferred by your customers so that we can provide your webshop with an accessible and efficient checkout.

Let’s open a webshop together

If you are interested in opening a new webshop or optimising an existing one, take the initiative, contact us via our contact page and we will examine the options together.

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