Concept development

the creative hunt for a great idea

Using the same method as we do for retail brand design we also develop the basic idea for the marketing and communication together with the customer. We will delve into your brand’s distinctive values and its unique identity, and try to encapsulate its central message in a single, concise sentence. The corporate statement is linked to the brand identity and everything that we develop from that point on must be in line with it.

Form and tone of voice

The basic concept of your brand serves as its unique identity, its recognisable character. It gives direction and colour to all communications, and is the tone of voice of the texts: narrative, friendly and emotional, or to the point, businesslike and firm. It also determines the general feel of the images, colours and shapes used. All of this forms a single whole that fits with the true identity of your brand or organisation.

your brand’s
distinctive values
corporate statement
& brand identity
all your communication
distinctly aligned
defining a concise
total brand idea
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