green inspiration on your smartphone

Those funny, blocky squares – QR codes – are the perfect thing for directly involving your customers with your products. QR codes make it possible for customers to call up additional product information on their smartphones right then and there. They offer the perfect opportunity to enrich your products with an online user experience and by including a QR code on your packaging, you can provide tips, inspire combinations with other products, or make a special offer.

Your clients will love our growing database of plants

FloralinQ provides your customers access to an enormous database of inspiration and information on more than 16,000 plants, such as the right care, tips & tricks, HR image materials, instructional videos and illustrations of the various stages of growth. We are currently working on an improved version of FloralinQ which will include an advance plant advice tool, image recognition and the option to place products in an augmented reality environment, among other things.

direct involvement
of your customers
collect user
inspire the
selling process
customers adore our
expanding plant database

How does FloralinQ work?

1. The consumer uses their smartphone to scan the QR code on your product.
2. FloralinQ directs your customer to a special website for the product.
3. The customer is provided with inspiring and informative audio-visual information.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities offered by QR codes to enrich your customers user experience,
please contact our experts.

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