CSR is important to us too

it’s a joint effort

In our sector, we are all green at heart. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to be conscious of our living environment. There is also greater understanding of the fact that everyone can contribute in their own way. Our customers are often very proactive in this regard, and we are more than happy to follow suit. Floramedia sets great store by corporate social responsibility.

Respect for
the environment
FSC Certified Materials
Durable Development
Small Carbon Footprint

The whole network involved

Worldwide, we keep a close eye on our supply chains in particular. We regularly monitor compliance with legislation and regulation, and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance with our strict quality standards, which are safeguarded by audits, methods and protocols. In addition, we work with FSC certified materials and we are extremely committed to producing as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Sustainable premises

Our premises are set up to be able to produce as sustainably as possible. They are fully heated and cooled using water pumped up from underground sources without using fossil fuels. We cool the machinery with the cold groundwater, which in turn heats the water we use to heat our premises in winter, together with water heated and stored in the summer.

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