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There is no doubt about it, Floramedia is the leading graphic design specialist for the botanical sector. Thanks to our extensive and state-of-the-art production facilities, we can handle all graphic-design orders with ease. Our machines and workflow are fully geared towards the most efficient production of printed materials. As such, you can rely on your orders being handled quickly and without error.

To this end, all of our departments work closely together with all disciplines collaborating under the same roof. Our large premises make optimal routing possible, so that we don’t lose valuable time, furthermore our processes are lean and very efficient.


There are many creative minds in the marketing industry in the Austria, but how many of them really understand their customers? The green sector brings a whole new dimension to customer communication. If you want to stand out in that respect, you have to be at the heart of it, just like Floramedia is. We are fully specialised in ‘green’ communication. We know the dos and don’ts of the world of plants, seeds and bulbs like no other.


The look of your printed materials is in part determined by the material itself and that is often a very carefully made choice. After all, the material you use can say a lot. For example, luxury materials give a premium look and feel, and biodegradable materials highlight your corporate social responsibility. We always have the option that works best for you.

Our fully climate-controlled 12-metre-high warehouse is well stocked with a standard inventory of supplies, so we always have at hand the materials that we need, even at short notice. We print on several Heidelberg printing machines and use UV curing, so further processing can start straight away.


To buy or not to buy? Customers often decide in a split second, listening to their heart, not their head. Is the product well presented? Does the information make sense? Is it a brand that inspires confidence? If all of the above are in order, the customer is almost certain to instinctively choose your product and we do all that we can to instil the confidence your customers need. However, we believe that excellent printing on its own is not enough.


For Floramedia, having your printed materials ready in time is second nature, but we also make sure everything runs smoothly after delivery. From warehousing to transport and from handling to local distribution, you can be confident that we will manage even the most complex processes for you without a hitch.

Our logistics solutions give you peace of mind at all times: from the moment that your printed materials have finished, to the moment they are stored safely in our storage, and finally to the moment that they reach your warehouse, we always treat them with the utmost care. Our focus is delivery reliability. Because we won’t accept anything less, and you don’t expect anything less.

Our complex production process and our customers’ requests and preferences are central to our internal logistics, enabling us to deliver extremely quickly. In short, Floramedia’s years of experience combined with our production facilities ensure that we have the right knowledge to handle your orders.

Our premises in the new Hoogtij business park, ideally located in Westzaan, are easy to reach from all directions.


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Floramedia understands the power of plants to connect people, unite cultures and enrich daily life. We stand today as one of the world’s leading producers of successful green communication. Breeders and other companies in the green industry have been welcoming Floramedia and its products and services into their companies for nearly 80 years.

And so we proudly welcome you to ours to discover our four worlds.


The right image will make the difference! If you want your product to stand out, the right image is essential. And whether you decide to print it on your tag, label, pot cover or lid, the proper use of images is crucial if you intend to stand out online.

Additionally, consumers require increasingly more information about the products they wish to buy. For plants, they are particularly interested in the flowering period, care techniques, feed information and pruning.


Strategy and creation form an important foundation from which your brand or product’s market position can be strengthened. Strong, creative concepts will ensure that you stand out more and can better define yourself in a competitive market. Floramedia can help you develop a strong product and/or shop concept.

In recent years, Floramedia has compiled a great deal of knowledge of and experience with delivering creative concepts. These concepts have ensured that our customers can grow, which perfectly complements our mission: “growing your business”.


A media company that has been active online for almost 20 years is of course the best source of Internet-related advice. As an online media company, we stepped into the online arena ourselves back in 2012 with the launch of the successful platform. Since then, we have further developed our expertise in other online applications together with this market leader in online horticultural information.

For our customers, we design, build and maintain websites and applications that receive millions of satisfied visitors annually. We are also happy to help you increase your online success even further.


Our company and staff are deeply involved in the welfare and success of our customers, which makes doing business with Floramedia both memorable and beneficial. Floramedia offers green communication solutions with a direct and efficient service.

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