Innovation beyond the production process

for even more distinction in the green market

Traditionally, entrepreneurs in the agriculture and horticulture sectors have always been innovators. Especially in the Austria, where plant breeders and seed producers have been pushing the envelope for centuries, not only in regards to the products themselves, but also in packaging and marketing their products.

The function of packaging

You do everything in your power to deliver a perfect product and of course, you want it to be just as perfect when it reaches the end customer, even if they have bought it online and it has passed through many hands before reaching its destination. This process demands a great deal from the packaging. It has to be sturdy, and optimally protect your product. Furthermore, some products must be able to ‘breathe’ in order to stay fresh, while others require food and water during transportation. Finally, the packaging must also be attractive, show off your product in a shop situation and be easy to carry.

Imagining, designing, producing and delivering… Floramedia does it all

As the expert in green design, we can support you throughout the concept development process, from innovative package design to production and logistics. We know the limits of the possibilities and our product developers take all of the packaging demands of your specific product into account.

your perfect product
requires the right packaging
optimal protection
to meet your requirements
attractive design
invites your customers
from idea to delivery
Floramedia does it all
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