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There are many creative minds in the marketing industry in the Austria, but how many of them really understand their customers? The green sector brings a whole new dimension to customer communication. If you want to stand out in that respect, you have to be at the heart of it, just like Floramedia is. We are fully specialised in ‘green’ communication. We know the dos and don’ts of the world of plants, seeds and bulbs like no other.

As a result, we approach communications very differently. For starters, we are happy to advise you on the best resources to use to meet your goal. Our process revolves around determining what exactly you want to say and what the best way is to say it. Floramedia is always looking for the ideal solution to make your product a success on the green market.

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Send us or hand over your briefing and we will create an inspiring customised presentation in no time. Our DTP studio team consists of experienced creative professionals who are familiar with the green market. That keeps the lines of communication short and the focus sharp. Do you want to see ideas sooner rather than later? No problem. Would you like an idea realised sooner rather than later? Also no problem. We take pride in delighting you with high-profile packaging, tags, promotions and special offers, and we produce beautiful printed materials to support them. What’s the added value for you? Maximum service and guaranteed first-class quality from a printers with green fingers who works in collaboration with you.

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