When it comes to our bulb cards

Seeing is believing

Nothing sells better than an appealing photo and that applies to bulbs too. They promise your customers growth, atmosphere and colour. The bulb card should leave them in no doubt about it! A successful bulb card is carefully balanced and includes a convincing image. That is Floramedia’s speciality, and it has been for decades.

Strategic design

Whether they are lifestyle photos, product photos or close-ups, our designers will bring out the best in your photos using a design that not only relates the story of your product, but also really moves your customers. The product will become a must-have for the customer. Floramedia prides itself on its clever and creative use of imagery. Our aim is simple: bring the customer eye-to-eye with the product. Seeing is believing!

the promise of growth,
atmosphere and colour
convincing images
seeing is believing

Sustainable material

You don’t need to worry about the environment. We only use ‘green’ FSC-certified cardboard for our tags. At Floramedia sustainability comes as a matter of course in both theory and practice.

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