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A label clients want to keep

By 11 January 2017News

A lenticular label has a high attention value.

What is a lenticular label

A lenticular label has a high attention value. But what is a lenticular label? Do you know the products with images that move when you tilt them? That is lenticular. This way you can set the illusion of movement or depth.

Interactive products

These interactive products are printed behind a couple of lenses in a row. For example, a photo from a bulb and a photo from a plant that grows out of it. These photos are each cut into strips and placed behind a lens. The same pieces of each photo are placed side by side behind a lens. The images now alternate and by tilting the product you see either the bulb or the flower.

Different types

There are different types of lenticular uses. The example above has two images per lens. An animation has multiple images per lens, in this way a moving effect can be created.

A morph

A morph product also uses multiple images, not to create a moving image but to create a change in the image. Through this technique you can see one and the same flower in different colours. You have to hold the 3D image in one place, and in this way you can see depth in the photo. It is a great way to create products which create interest and demand attention.

The usage

The usage of this product is ideal for labels of plants which are out of season, or for plants that do not change colour. For this example you could easily use multiple photos in one label and it would not take up much space.

High attention value

The advantage of a lenticular label is the high attention value. When the client passes by your product, the image changes so they will probably walk back to take another look at it. Experience shows customers enjoy this dynamic product, they keep it and show it to their family and friends.

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