The newest photo series: Water plants

The photo studio at Boskoop has once made a beautiful series of photographs.

Renew your images

This time the water plants are in the spotlight. Every so often it is important to renew the images, because the trends in accessories or the lighting may change.

Urban gardening

With these new water plant photos we are responding to the urban gardening trend; little (vegetable) gardens in the city. It is also a great opportunity to apply other methods of photography. All attention is given to the plant with a few accessories. Photographers used different settings and vases, and it was these vases which represented the mini-ponds.

Image selection

First the photographers choose the best photos, then the botanists make the final selection. In this way only the best images are chosen for presentation. Wondering what image we can make for your product? Take a look at the Picture Library to see more examples of expert photography; we would love to tell you about the possibilities.

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