Eco-friendly floating greenhouse

With the ever increasing price of land and the need to protect green spaces, could growing on water be a smarter alternative?

Creative space-saving

With the ever increasing costs for land in and around cities, it is more important than ever to look at urban development with a creative space-saving approach. That is the reason why design studio Salt & Water developed the ambitious Eco Barge. This multifunctional floating greenhouse generates clean power and is used to grow organic food. This floating construction on Belgrade’s stretch of the Danube consists of a greenhouse with vertical gardens on one side and a small building on the other.

Urban farming

The citizens of Belgrade can get acquainted with vertical gardening, special types of irrigation systems and alternative ways to grow organic food in urban areas where there is usually limited space.

Sustainable farming

Wind turbines and solar panels generate energy and there is an efficient irrigation system which purifies reused water to water the plants. This allows the boat to emit no greenhouse gases and also provide fruits, vegetables and plants!

Learning all about green

Moreover, this floating greenhouse is also intended as a place where presentations and workshops can be given. For example, local children receive lessons about green living and can see the theory in practice right there and then.

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