Green Trend Report 2017/2018 by Floramedia: a source of inspiration and reference guide for the green market.

Het Green Trend Report 2017/2018 van Floramedia.

Floramedia’s Green Trend Report 2017-2018 is a unique report which sets out current and future trends that will make their mark on the European green market at the mega, micro and macro levels. Although it may sometimes seem so, trends don’t just appear out of thin air.

Unique combination of trends and data for the green market

The 124-page Green Trend Report consists of two parts: trends and data. These sections continuously refer to each other, offering fascinating insights. This exciting document links inspiration and information to new and relevant developments in the fields of green, in relation to urbanisation, ageing and technology. Containing the latest market figures, in-house research, inspiring projects and photography, the report translates the story that the world of green is trying to tell us.

Content and structure of the Green Trend Report

The first part of the report uses text and images to sketch out the trends and developments that will greatly influence our society in the coming years. The trends will be illustrated with inspiring stories, projects and photography. Trends don’t just appear out of thin air, although it may sometimes seem so. They are closely connected to social changes such as the composition of the population, migration, urbanisation and changing sentiments.

The substantiation of the trend study will be indicated in data and figures in the second part of the report. This is done according to the latest figures and data in the fields of imports and exports, as well as demography and technological developments in Europe. We clearly present these figures within an original design, all supported by accessible infographics.

Large plant survey of green-minded consumers

In addition, Floramedia started its own study through its consumer website By questioning over 300 green-minded consumers, unique insights were gained into the customer-plant relationship, such as which plants do they prefer in their homes? Where do the biggest plant lovers live? And are the Dutch still hiding behind the proverbial geraniums?

The future of your green business

The trick is to pick out the trends that are relevant to our own concept and product development in the green sector. Floramedia’s Green Trend Report 2017/2018 is an indispensable guide as a source of inspiration and work of reference.

As there is more movement now in ‘green’ than ever before, it is essential that the green sector can closely follow all developments. Via the Green Trend Report 2017/2018 Floramedia offers a wealth of information to develop new creative ideas, lead on innovative concepts, and reach out to new target groups.

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The Green Trend Report is a publication of Floramedia Group BV and is published once every two years.

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