Balcony- & terrace research

groot balkon-en terrasonderzoek

The pleasant weather of May means not just more time for the garden but also for the balcony and terrace! the Dutch Flower Council Holland has conducted major research to gain more insights.


The balcony and terrace survey 2017 was conducted using 635 Dutch balcony or terrace owners, and gave interesting results. 70% of the interviewees had plants, consisting of blooming, green or herb plants. But there were hardly any balconies or terraces with only the last two. The plants listed above were all in pots on the ground or in hanging baskets on rails. The participants valued their balcony or terrace with a higher ranking than the previous year: from 6,7 to a 7,2. Of the interviewees 29% did not have any plants as they did not have enough space or time for them.

Green inspiration and help

Getting inspiration mostly happened in a garden centre or at the florist (44%), remotely followed by websites and blogs (16%) family, friends, television, magazines and books. When the plant owners went on holiday, the neighbours were most likely asked to water the plants. One in five left the plants without care and only 3% had an automatic water system in use.

Trends in the garden

The majority of the participants (70%) indicated that the style inside and outside differed greatly. There are three balcony and terrace styles for 2017 based on the garden trends of this year. The harmonious terrace is characterised by privacy, relaxation and scented plants; the balanced terrace is a nice combination of tough and soft materials, and the last terrace “energetic” has strong colours and tight lines.

Want to know more? Floramedia has researched indoor plant habits and trends with fascinating results. The Dutch don’t hide behind the Geraniums anymore, but between the succulents. Get in touch to see how our research can help grow your business.

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