Seaweed research

Seaweed research door Nienke Hoogvliet, wordt ook gebruikt in het Green Trend Report van Floramedia.

At Floramedia we love exploring novel ways to use green and durable materials; that’s why we love things like natural products made of seaweed. 

Seaweed research

Designer Nienke Hoogvliet has researched the use of seaweed in the textile industry as she wanted to contribute toward its sustainability. Thanks to her seaweed research, she has come across the versatile possibilities of this material. She has combined her findings into a book: SEAWEED RESEARCH. There are more uses than you think!


With her project ‘SEA ME’, the first step was made: a rug of seaweed yarn, hand-knotted into an old fishing net. After this project she further investigated the possible uses of seaweed. In order to keep the manufacturing as sustainable as possible, she has used a circular process. This means waste from one process is used for the next process, which creates a smart, reflexive final product.

Seaweed products

Besides making textiles, seaweed has even more applications. Nienke discovered that she could also make natural paint, in the most varied colours: different shades of green, brown, grey and even pink and purple. As an example of how seaweed can be used, she designed a table and a chair, making the seating of the chair with seaweed yarn. The remains of this have been used to make paint, to paint the table. The leftovers were used to make bio-plastic dishes.

Green Trend Report

The Green Trend Report included the project of Nienke Hoogvliet. Her seaweed research really connects to the Future Supplies microtrend. Nienke was also present at the launch of the Green Trend Report – she was invited as one of the guest speakers and shared her enthusiastic search for seaweed products.

Want to read more about Nienke Hoogvliet in the Green Trend Report? This can be ordered from our webshop.

Image: Femke Poort

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