How does floramedia deal with waste?

Hoe gaat Floramedia met het ontstane afval om?

Floramedia has its own production company in the Netherlands where many beautiful products are made. During a production process, it is inevitable that waste arises. But what does Floramedia do with this waste and how is this kept to a minimum?

Limiting waste

To reduce our waste, we create smarter ways to produce. For example, we lay out our sheets as efficiently as possible with smart sheet combinations. In this way, there are no white surfaces left and no material is lost unnecessarily. Another waste-reducing measure is the multiple use of inking sheets for colouring during the printing process. Together with the very strict separation of our waste streams and other clever solutions, we try to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Our FSC, ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates confirm that we use natural resources with care.


But what happens to that waste? We have a lasting and long-term relationship with a partner who properly recycles the trash. This is a trustworthy party that processes in the Netherlands. In this way, the truck does not have to drive far – meaning a lower environmental impact – and the waste remains traceable. All waste streams are reused as much as possible. This works in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle: the recycled raw materials will be recycled into new raw materials.

What is our waste made of?

Through the cradle-to-cradle principle, waste from bulb cards, packaging cartons, paper labels and cards, for example, are processed into raw materials for recycled packaging and corrugated cardboard. The waste from plant labels, pot covers and straps become raw materials for plant trays, pots and various other plastic applications. The wrapping foil for pallets is recycled into the raw material for more wrapping foil, and pallets and wood are used to make pressed wood. Business waste is sorted further and can be used as a raw material for other products.


In addition to the use of as much recycled or recyclable raw materials, we have a special project team which continuously deals with alternative raw materials and methods to further reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, due to our heat / cold installation, we don’t use gas and so have significantly lower CO2 emissions.

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