The December flower, house and garden plant of the month

De bloem, woon- en tuinplant van de maand december - Floramedia

Bring Christmas into the home via the December flower, home and garden plant of the month, plus we see why they make great Christmas products.

Amaryllis – the December houseplant

The stately and colourful Amaryllis is the plant of the month for December. This beautiful plant symbolises not just pride and enchanting beauty, but also warmth during the shorter, colder days. This makes the red Amaryllis a popular choice for the Christmas season. Further towards spring, the other colours provide light and colour in the house. By selling the Amaryllis in a pot box, you’ll give even more character to this winter warmer.

Garden plants of the month

How could it be anything other than the Christmas plants for December! But don’t just think Christmas trees, there are other brilliant alternatives, we’ve chosen: Buxus, Laurus and Chamaecyparis. These plants can be transformed into real Christmas stars with some seasonal lighting or decoration and they will live happily on the terrace or balcony as well as the garden. Whether you add a stock label to your Christmas plant or a custom made one, these plants have loads to offer the Christmas customer.

Christmas flowers

For indoor floral decoration this Christmas season, we have selected Amaryllis, orchids and lisianthus. Place them together in different small vases, or together in one big Christmas bouquet, as big or as varied as you want. These flowers have thousands of different types to choose from, with many different colours of flowers. For example, they suit decorations of all kinds and could even provide a substitute for the Christmas tree. With the Christmas flowers, the consumer can go in any direction.

Which plants do you want to highlight this December? Contact us for custom labels or packaging for your product.

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