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Breng dankzij de Tuinrecepten van uw planten of andere groene producten direct onder de aandacht bij de eindconsument

At the Trex fair, 7 and 8 February, – the Dutch b2c garden enthusiast website – presented its latest product: Garden recipes. These are gardening recipes that the consumer can use immediately in the garden.

Garden recipes

With garden recipes, brings gardening to the attention of the consumer in a more original way. The gardening recipes are designed to look like more traditional cooking recipes, with easy to follow steps and matching photos.

How does it work?

It is possible to collaborate with on a garden recipe in order to promote your products. How does that work exactly? answers the product briefing with a creative garden recipe. A recipe is written for the product as an ingredient or requirement. In a playful manner and with an effective explanation we are able to create a beautiful garden recipe. We supply tailor-made solutions, entirely focused on achieving the goals of the advertiser.

Benefits of cooperating with a garden recipe

  • is the largest green platform for Dutch consumers.
  • Reach 1.3m visitors/gardening enthusiasts.
  • Wide range of social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Your product is made relevant and put in the spotlight.
  • Tailor-made solutions.

What does it look like?

The garden recipe system is used as an allegory of cooking and works like this:

  • Ingredients: soil/plants/fertiliser
  • Requirements: rake/shovel/garden hose
  • Difficulty: 1, 2 or 3 stars etc
  • Followed by the step-by-step description to get started.

New garden recipes

During the coming garden season, more and more ‘recipes’ can be found on Think for example: pruning recipes, border recipes, seed recipes, cutting recipes, kitchen garden recipes and much more. In addition to the first lavender in pot or bins recipe, you can now find the latest garden recipe “paprika and chilli pepper (Capsicum) pre-sowing” in Dutch at

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