Photographic studio in Boskoop brings plant photography to life

Botanische fotostudio in Boskoop voor het fotografen van planten. Our photo studio in Boskoop, The Netherlands

Did you know that Floramedia Studio, our botanical photographic and video studio, is situated between the tree and decorative flower producers in the area?

Green photo studio

This makes Boskoop the perfect location for a green studio. Photos of all sorts of different plants are taken in extremely diverse settings. The plants are from clients and of Floramedia itself. There is not just a studio but a nursery with its own greenhouse where the company cultivates more than 1,200 sorts and varieties of flowers and vegetables per year.

Plant in optimum condition

This makes it possible to take photographs of plants when they are in optimum condition. It is done under the best conditions and in the period when they are at their most beautiful. There is also an experienced gardener present to look after the plants daily.

Professional guidance

The photo studio has a daylight and a ‘dark’ studio at its disposal where professional lifestyle and atmospheric images can be created and product photos taken. This is supervised by a dedicated team of professionals including botanical experts, photographers and stylists.

If you are interested in photos or videos of your company or product, get in touch with one of our account managers!

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