Foil: the versatile print technique

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What is foil stamping?

Foil stamping is a process in which a thin layer of opaque colour or metal foil is applied to the printed material. It is a finishing technique which further enhances the final product, other examples include varnish, laminate or UV lacquer.


Almost all materials can be stamped with foil. Floramedia offers a wide range of (recycled) cardboards and plastics that are suitable for this. It depends on the type of printing and the right combination of material. A good example to think of is paint, as not all types can be applied to all surfaces; the same applies to foil.

Colours and textures

When it comes to colour, there are many possible options. Various standard colours are available alongside metallic or holographic foil and the choice between matt or high-gloss foil. Besides the wide range of standard colours, there are many different types of textures available such as: ribbed, leather, wood or leaf effect. With more than 15,000 of these textures available, there is always something that’s right for you. For the perfect effect, we can apply different layers of foil over one another or make an extra print run.

The result

A plant label or packaging with foil gives a very special effect and attracts more attention. We can apply this very subtly or in larger forms, such as flowers, frames, texts, a bio stamp or your logo. Through foil you can draw the attention of the end consumer to special details whilst adding a touch of complementary quality.

Do you also want to enrich your product packaging with foil? We have the right application for you.

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