Lily photography

New lily photography

The Floramedia Studio has recently received a request from the UK for new images of lilies. With many plants now in full bloom, the studio has been working non-stop. But this didn’t stop them from scheduling in some time dedicated to the lilies.

Between the photography, our gardener has been lovingly caring for the lilies during the hot weather to make sure they’re always ready for their next photoshoot.

Compact lilies

The lilies that were photographed are small growing lilies. This means they are not only suitable as cut flowers but can also be used in a pot or the garden. Recently photographed lilies include the following species:

Of course, besides these types of lilies, you will find many other species and images in our extensive Picture Library.

Lily on the floral agenda

The lily is also on the flower agenda of Flower Council Holland this month: “We celebrate the warmer months with the elegant lily in the Flower Agenda in July. This way we can enjoy the feeling of a blooming spring for a little while longer.” This versatile flower complements every occasion and is at home in any interior.

Are you looking for photography of flowers or plants? You can order them direct from the Floramedia Picture Library.

Picture: Floramedia Studio

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