The August product of the month: embossing

The August product of the month: embossing!

What is embossing

Embossing is a print process technique where elements are given added height or depth, creating relief. We can emboss in different ways: an embossing is where the material is pushed upwards while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface. With a 3D emboss, the emboss is applied in several levels to create different heights and depths.

How does it work

To be able to emboss, we need a stamp and a contra that fit together precisely. These stamps can be provided with different types of textures for extra effect. The paper is pressed between the stamps, creating the desired image. As a result an emboss is always two-sided, on the front is the relief and, on the back, the impression is visible in mirror image.

Choice of material

The most crucial factor in choosing an embossing design is the material. The thicker and softer the material, the more effective the embossing will be. You can compare this to a soft pillow: the softer the pillow, the deeper you sink in. The same applies to the embossing. One of the best materials we can currently emboss is the Vintage Wild material. Of course it is also possible on various other types of cardboard.

The result

This printing process results in a beautiful effect, creating a tactile, engaging product. Embossing can be combined with foil or ink if desired. However, even without it, the results are stunning. Below we can see the differences between the three techniques:

The right look and feel

The right look and feel can also be created through the addition of structures or different depths, such as a leather look, leaf structures, squares or other patterns. In the design, the details must be considered as the finer they are, the more difficult they are to define. But don’t worry, our team of designers and print specialists know exactly what is possible to make your ideal design!

Added value

Due to the height or depth in your print product, customers are given a heightened sensory experience with both sight and touch. Your design comes to life and gets a premium look. See for yourself, many of the luxury products that you find in stores are equipped with an embossing often in combination with foil printing.

Versatile and effective

It is widely used, for example on floral cards, greeting cards and cardboard plant labels and packaging. Braille texts can also be applied to a brand or product element. This offers an excellent solution for labels or packaging for poisonous plants.

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