Product photography for the green industry

Looking for accurate, beautiful images of your green product?

What is product photography

In short, product photography consists of beautifully shot images of what will be brought to market. This can not only include accurate plant portraits, flowers and plants, it can also be the container/packaging of the plant. They are intended for use throughout the green market, such as labels, pot covers, bulb cards or for other marketing purposes. If you want your product to stand out, then quality photography is crucial to both your online and offline communications.

Fully equipped studio

The Floramedia Studio has the capacity to shoot product photography in its dark or daylight studio. Our photo studio has access to various sets, themes and backgrounds, so that the plant – using fixed stylesheets – can be photographed in a decorative pot on a terrace, close-up, in a garden situation or a product shot on a neutral background.

Planning is key

Before each year, a master plan is drawn up of all plants that have to be photographed. These are sorted by flowering times and availability of the plants from different plant groups. A shooting plan can then be made, which gives the Studio the possibility to always photograph the plant at its absolute best. In high season, when there are many flowers and

plants in bloom, it can be somewhat hectic! The winter months are the low season and during this period the studio concentrates on house plants, fruit, vegetables, packaging and displays.

Find all of our images online

After the photography, the best images are selected and made available on our Picture Library, where they can then be ordered. Of course, the pictures that are shot exclusively for you will not be uploaded. The product photos that we make are always made suitable for printing so they can be immediately applied for your desired purposes.

Botanical knowledge

Our team of photographers are all specialised in photographing green products. They can also consult the botanical knowledge of the plant specialists at the Floramedia Studio. Because of this, they know precisely how each flower or plant has to be framed within a composition, ensuring the plant always takes centre stage. In our greenhouse, or the container field attached to the photo studio, we can grow plants and provide excellent care before they are photographed.

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