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Floramedia possesses inhouse creativity and market knowledge that could make a difference for your plants or flowers. Be inspired and surprised by our creative team and feel free to discuss your company’s objectives and market trends with us. You will see right away that we come up with new insights that will change your business, brand and product for good!

Green revolution

It’s unavoidable: the green industry is evolving. There is a new generation of consumers that have other ideas, wishes and needs; the young consumer. This generation is looking for local, sustainable products that have a good story, and derives inspiration from green blogs and social media.

Respond to the new generation consumers

You can already see young entrepreneurs around you responding to this and presenting their plant products to the consumer in a completely different way. They seek direct contact with the grower and blog, vlog and hype their products via Instagram.

Recycling and upcycling

The changing consumer demands less, and preferably recycled, packaging material. After all, not only the product needs to be right, the packaging does too. In its concept development, Floramedia often devotes considerable attention to recycling, upcycling and the beauty of sustainable materials, thus contributing to a greener future

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