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Floramedia’s green mission

Floramedia focuses on making plant packaging and labelling material more sustainable. The company’s vision is for as many methods and materials as possible to be used that supply plants with the best, but also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly communication material.


In terms of new biomaterials Floramedia is way ahead of the game. “We have been highly successful with B500 for six years now. It is FSC certified material and fully recyclable. It largely consists of cellulose and both surfaces are treated with a biobased and  biodegradable coating.”

Recycled plastic

Floramedia also possesses fully recycled polystyrene and polypropylene. ‘Discarded’ plastic products that have reached the end of their lifecycle are used to produce these materials. The products are collected, crushed and processed into granulate. This material can
be reused in new applications


Floramedia has another sustainable plastic variant, ECO35. No fossil fuels are used to produce the virgin material. ECO35 can be recycled after use. ECO35 is produced exclusively from renewable raw materials. This means it is easy to recycle in existing systems.

Sustainable options offered by Floramedia – B500

B500 is made from cardboard and treated with a biobased coating on both sides. It consists of 100% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable in industrial composting processes. B500 is water repellent.


ECO35 is a plastic (organic polyethylene) produced from 100% renewable raw materials. In contrast, conventional plastic labels are made from fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gas. ECO35 is waterproof.


RPS40 is a plastic (polystyrene) made from recyclable material. Polystyrene is also frequently used in the food industry. The material
can be processed as plastic household waste (recycled).


RPP50 is a plastic (polypropylene) made from recyclable material just like RSP40. It is the most common plastic used in industrial applications. The material can be processed as plastic household waste (recycled).

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