Luxe Plant Collection at Mas de Valero: unique labels for unique plants

A label is the best way to draw attention to a plant at the point of sale and arouse the interest of potential buyers.

Various printing and finishing techniques

At Floramedia we have been designing and producing plant labels for over 40 years. Innovation is in our blood. We consequently offer a range of printing and finishing techniques, such as the TTTC printing effect as a striking finishing touch for printed matter. With this innovative technique, the material is given a glossy or matt finish, creating a surprising and unique effect.

TTTC technique

The TTTC technique can be used on various surfaces and materials, such as plastic labels, seed packets and cardboard packaging for bulbs or roses. By cleverly combining the glossy and matt finishes, we can create new designs that are highly distinctive. We will work with you on the finer details of the design in order to achieve the best result. This could well generate increased turnover.

Luxe Plant Collection

This technique has been used on labels designed for the Spanish grower Mas de Valero. For this collection, which is called Luxe Plant Collection, we have used the TTTC technique to create a contrast between glossy and matt. We have also created a metallic finish which is then overprinted, combining different techniques for a striking effect.

Sophisticated touch of class

The result is a label that exudes quality and sophistication. The label is ideal for the sale of top-quality plants because it gives the plant a sophisticated touch of class. The Luxe Plant Collection at Mas de Valero is a collection of high-quality fruit plants and small palm trees that look stunning, which typifies the articles sold at this garden centre. This is a special collection of plant labels for a customer who is looking for a top-class product with its own unique personality.

At Floramedia we are always looking for new ways to present products to the end customer and to provide the customer with product information. Challenge us to devise a unique concept for your plants and prepare to be amazed!

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