Which type of research fits your research question?

There are many types of research that we can perform for you. To find out what kind of research fits your research question, we start by formulating the brief through discussion with you. On the basis of this briefing, we draw up a plan of action and get to work.

Quantitative or qualitative

Floramedia has gained a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise in our market. We also have all the resources for a successful investigation. In this way, we can do both quantitative and qualitative research in the green market.


Qualitative research is aimed at obtaining specific information about what is happening among the target group and why. A big advantage of this, is that it can be requested. This is done by inviting panel members for a group discussion. These include panel discussions, in-depth interviews or product testing. Qualitative studies are often held among a smaller target group. It is a more time-consuming job, but it allows you to go deeper into underlying thoughts and feelings.


In quantitative studies, we invite people from a test panel to participate in a survey. We can analyse and process these results into tables and graphs and give clear conclusions. We can then turn this type of research into a very large target group. In this way you get a representative group of respondents.

Test panel

Floramedia has a test panel with green-minded consumers. The panel members are in the age category between 18 and 90 years. They like to participate in focus groups, surveys or, for example, product testing.

Market analysis

In addition to research in the green market, the market is also analysed in figures. The results from this research can be drawn up for you in an extensive report in which we link data from the market together with feedback from customers.

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