Behind the scenes at the Floramedia Studio

Meet the team behind the pictures.

The green heartland

In the middle of the green heartland of the Netherlands you will find one of the greenest photo studios in the Netherlands – welcome to Boskoop! This photo studio even has its own nursery attached to it. Everywhere you look there are plants, flowers and accessories. A gardener is walking around taking care of the plants and in the background, you hear the constant clicking of camera shutters. It couldn’t be anywhere else but Boskoop.

The Floramedia Studio team

But how are these beautiful plant photos captured? The team currently consists of four dedicated photographers: Tessa, Miranda, Erik and Ramon, all with a lot of experience in photography. But not ordinary photography, they are all specialised in plant photography.

Everything in the field of botanical photography

Plant photography is actually quite broad, photographer Ramon states: “In addition to our speciality in the field of botanical photography, we also photograph: product photography, atmospheric photography/lifestyle, pack shots, food, time-lapse, company reportage and portrait. Everything our customer needs to launch their product to market successfully.”

A creative process

But what else is involved, besides photographing? Tessa says: “Photographing is a creative process and consists of many facets. That makes our work so diverse and therefore so much fun. In addition to photographing, we are also busy with:

  • Building decor/sets and backs and surfaces
  • Styling
  • Selecting and naming images
  • Preparing the plant or bouquet to create the right composition

No day is the same!” With every picture, the setting needs to be considered. The assignment, the product and the wishes of the customer are all considered. As a result, the team determines an atmosphere and then creates a matching set.


Photography is a very rewarding profession, with some challenges here and there. As Erik says: “Because we work with a living product and have to overcome the whims of nature, it makes photographing green products very challenging at times, therefore making the job as difficult as it is fun.” Miranda adds: “We constantly try to evolve ourselves, for example being continuously ready to apply other forms of photography, new technology and software to botanical photography.” The team get its inspiration from visiting various fairs, exhibitions, magazines and social media.

The favourite green topic

Although all photographers are crazy about green, they each have their own favourite subject. Tessa prefers atmospheric photography and lifestyle, Miranda likes to photograph Roses, Erik the flower bulbs and Ramon’s passion lies with the perennials.

Need the help of our Boskoop studio? Let’s get to work.

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