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Green Trend Journal 2019

After the successful Green Trend Report 2017/2018, which was launched in 2017, Floramedia recently released the Green Trend Journal 2019. The journal is a follow-up to the report and goes deeper into five nano trends for the green market. These were collected by Art Director Judith Klute and her creative team. Supplemented with beautiful, sustainable projects and matching data facts.

A green revolution

Data and trends are the ideal partners for creating new green labels, concepts and brands. There is a green revolution going on, with a new generation of consumers who have different ideas, wishes and desires. They get their inspiration from green blogs, Instagram and products being talked about or launched via social media.

Attention to product and packaging

A changing consumer also means more attention to the product and the packaging. Less material and sustainable origin. Products must (be able to) be recycled or get a second life. That is why in this trend update of the Green Trend Report much attention is paid to recycling, upcycling and the beauty of sustainable materials.

Your own journal

The Green Trend Journal is available in paper and from now on also available digitally. You can order your own journal by filling in the application form on this page. Once you have filled in everything, you will find a download button on the bottom left of the same page. Save the journal easily and view it whenever you want.

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