Time for autumn with autumn mix photography

Plants in the autumn garden

Autumn is here and that means a change in nature. The green leaves of the trees slowly change to the familiar autumn colours, but other plants in the garden now have the chance to bloom.

With the right autumn plants consumers have the option to have flowering plants in their garden all year round. This means more opportunity to encourage colourful purchases with real eye-catching plants for autumn and winter.

Autumn flowers

These stunning autumn flowers also need the perfect image to communicate their value. The Floramedia Studio has created and photographed several autumn mixes. These mixes are photographed in pots, complete with an autumn style. The mix consists of plants with cheerful combinations, sorted by colour and therefore perfect for the terrace or balcony, with plants such as Viola, Heuchera and Gaultheria. All autumn mix photos can be found in the Floramedia Picture Library.

Autumn mix photography

With the autumn mix photos, you can give the consumer a highly effective idea of how the plants will look in the autumn garden in combination with perhaps other plants from your assortment. Some of the mixes we have made and photographed are:

  • Viola, Brassica, Solanum pseudocapsicum, Calluna, Capsicum, Calocephalus
  • Sedum, Senecio, Brassica, Gaultheria, Calluna
  • Heuchera, Gaultheria, Calluna, Calocephalus

4 tips for a beautiful autumn garden

  1. Choose the basis for an evergreen perennial
  2. Choose a number of beautiful autumn flowers such as autumn asters and the silver cedar (Cimicifuga)
  3. Combine these different perennials in a pot, border or naturally in the ground
  4. Make a mix of high and low plants for a playful effect

New autumn border mixes will also be photographed soon, so keep an eye on our Picture Library!

Are you looking for photography of flowers or plants that fit perfectly with autumn? You can order these in the Floramedia Picture Library.

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