White paper about sustainable materials for plant labels

Floramedia launched its first white paper: OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER – Sustainable materials for plant labels, on 1 November 2018. By sharing our knowledge, we want to give the green sector a better insight into the sustainable possibilities and the four alternative materials for plant labels we have available.

Make green greener

We believe that flowers and plants can become even greener. After all, there is still a lot of plastic in the horticultural sector. Think, for example, of plant pots, packaging and agricultural plastic. Plant labels are now also mainly produced from traditional plastic materials. But a sustainable label also fits in with a sustainably grown plant.

There is an increasing demand for sustainable plants and products. Many growers are switching to more sustainable ways of growing. Still, sustainable promotional materials and information carriers are not always chosen.

No longer seeing the forest for the trees

We notice that customers are often interested in sustainable materials, but do not yet know what solutions are available for now and in the future. With all the complicated terms and rapid developments around the theme of sustainability, it is often difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Because what is better now? Recycle or degrade? Is there a difference between bioplastics and biobased plastics? Why are waste processing and end of life cycle so decisive for the sustainability of products? And are these new alternative materials suitable for my products?

All information about sustainable solutions for plant labels

That is why we have bundled our knowledge together into one single document: ‘OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER – Sustainable materials for plant labels’. With this white paper, we have tried to explain in a clear way the different options and possibilities concerning sustainable materials. We also explain in the white paper how Floramedia views sustainability itself, and what our own plans, goals and sustainable ambitions are.

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