Sustainable solutions at the Trade Fair 2018

After three amazing exhibition days, the Trade Fair 2018 has come to an end. There was an excellent atmosphere and the exhibition was bursting with creativity. Many new exciting concepts for the public were launched and announced at the multitude of inspiring exhibits. 

Focus on sustainability

It was clear to see at the fair that more and more attention is being paid to sustainability. Various companies also used sustainable cultivation methods and set up special sustainable lines. But sustainable packaging is also being used more and more. For example, it could be seen that the choice is often made for trays made of cardboard or renewable materials, instead of virgin plastic.

Steps to a sustainable future

The Floramedia stand was entirely dedicated to sustainability and the launch of OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER. At our stand, you could see the steps being taken towards a sustainable future from the perspective of Floramedia. The process starts with the plastics of newly mined fossil fuel feedstocks that are still widely used today, also known as virgin plastic. Through the recycled plastic (RPP and RPS), bio-based plastic (ECO35) and materials made from cellulose (B500) we climb the ladder towards an even more sustainable alternative and the materials of the future. The B500 material consists of cellulose that has been modified in such a way that it equals virgin plastic equivalents in effectiveness and is still undergoing development.

The #CHANGE-team

The trade fair team was supported by a team of experts who know everything about the material hierarchy and the sustainable steps you can take as a grower when choosing your plant labels. Because which material fits best with the label at your plant and what is the material actually made of? The new materials were also used in a number of plant labels with a sustainable design. Such as the resource-reducing Multi-Slotlabel that fits in different pots, ClipZ – the sustainable alternative to the orchids “hair clips” – and the new Green-Fold label: a sustainable cellulose-based label.

There was also special attention for our new platform Which allows you to view and approve all of your new or changed labels easily and conveniently.

Read more about Floramedia’s vision for sustainable materials in OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER. You can request this free of charge via this form.

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