A different view of labels for sustainability

Floramedia has presented their Green White Paper about sustainability, which describes our vision for sustainable label materials. A consequence of more sustainable materials is that Floramedia must again look critically at the shape and effect of the plant label.

Sustainable, simple to use and outstanding visual presentation

New materials have different properties and characteristics. The label for you as a grower, exporter or retailer must not only be sustainable but at the same time be simple to use and offer outstanding visual presentation. This mix of important aspects forces us to look at labels differently. In the Green White paper, we look for the best solutions.

Cardboard stick label

In the whitepaper, our four sustainable materials are highlighted. These materials all have their own characteristics and should be used in the right way for optimal results. An example of an application of a sustainable label and a durable material is the B500 Green Fold label. B500 is a very recyclable and also degradable cardboard, but actually not suitable for use as a label. However, by applying the cardboard in a reinforced form, and in the right plant group, a correct sustainable solution is created.

“At Floramedia, we are pushing the boundaries of new materials and are continuously working to develop a more sustainable label for our customers.

Sustainability forces us to look at labels differently

Because durable labels require thicker materials, the functionality of the label can be reduced. However, by adjusting the shape of the label the strength can be recovered. This also applies, for example, to the patented Multi-Slot label from Floramedia that was launched on the market earlier this year. This innovative form of label makes them suitable for many different pots with a label holder, so offers plenty of flexibility.

Small steps can make a big difference

By taking small steps in the process of sustainability, we can start to see immediate positive effects. The transition to a different material than the traditional plastic is already a good first step. For example, the Multi-Slot label already saves up to 30% plastic compared to a “normal” label.

Read more about the steps in the process towards sustainable materials in OUR GREEN WHITE PAPER. You can request this free of charge via this form.

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