Beautiful Japanese flower art made from plant waste

Natura insects, that’s the name of the flower art series by artist Raku Inoue. In the project Natura Insects several beautiful coloured butterflies, moths and other insects of flowers can be seen. Unlike other artists, Raku only used what nature offered him. For example, he only uses twigs, leaves and seeds that already have fallen off the plant. That way he disturbs nature the least.

What is Japanese flower arrangement?

Japanese flower arrangement – also known as Ikebana – are minimalist flower arrangements combined in contemporary decoration designs. ‘Ike’ stands for life and reviving and ‘bana’ for flower. The characteristics of Ikebana are the playfulness and asymmetrical forms that the flower arrangements maintain. We also use seasonal flowers and plants.

Where does Ikebana come from?

Ikebana came from China in the 6th century to the Japanese islands as a Buddhist expression also sacrifices of love for harmony and the beauty of nature. After the 15th-century Ikebana was no longer religious and could be seen as separate art.

Plant waste as inspiration for art. We find it a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants even longer. Discover here what we do with our waste.

Are you inspired, just like us, and do you want your products to stand out too? We are happy to work for you with a concept.

Photos: Raku Inoue

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