Nursery Fruithof wins the prize for best sales concept with their Fruit tree concept

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Great news: Fruithof has won the prize for the best sales concept at the 2018 November exhibition of GRS Inkoop BV! A well deserved award that both Fruithof and Floramedia can be very proud of. Fruithof is the total supplier of fruit trees and fruit plants and commissioned Floramedia for the development and design of the winning concepts.

Award for the most innovative and original concept

During the trade fair for garden store and green on 14 and 15 November, trade fair visitors and members of GroenRijk and GRS Retail voted for ‘Best Sales Concept’. This award stands for the most innovative and original concept, which is also easy to apply in the garden centre. Fruithof has received the first prize with its sales concept for the lines ‘Wonder Tree’ and ‘City Gardening’!

Fruit trees for a large and new target group

Fruithof is a total supplier of complete fruit concepts for garden centres at home and abroad. Their new line ‘City Gardening’ consists of an assortment of fruit trees suitable for the city garden and balcony, in order to appeal to a different and new target group of consumers. The other line ‘Wonder tree’ consists of compact, strong trees with lots of fruit. The entire sales concept is available for all garden centres from spring 2019.

The new label lines from Fruithof

Floramedia developed and designed the concepts for the new lines. An important part of this design is photography on location. By daring to choose this – all praise for Fruithof – lifestyle-like photography was created and the labels were directly linked to the perception of the modern consumer.

Styling and photo shoots

The design of the label line was also enhanced by narrative and atmospheric product photos of the different trees and fruits. With many varieties to photograph it was a fairly substantial production job, which was completely carried out by us. From the development of the various concept lines, styling and photo shoots, to the design of the labels; everything was in the hands of Floramedia.

The winning sales concept for garden centres

The sales concept is presented through a star-shaped module. The construction and concept of the presentation module was developed by Melwin van Laar from MvLmetaal. This unique and clever way of presenting in a star shape ensures that the arrangement of all sides is equally effective.

Floramedia was responsible for the content and visuals of the module and the setup gave a lot of room for storytelling. The story behind Fruithof and the USPs of the two concepts for the fruit tree lines received full attention. To create an inviting yet recognisable overall image, the look and feel of the labels were directly translated onto the module.

By also thinking about sales strategy from the start through the use of both lifestyle photography and atmospheric product photography, the experience ensures direct consumer involvement with the product. This unique sales module is an ideal way to offer green products to garden centre consumers.

Is your product ready to be turned into a prize-winning concept? Our creative team can’t wait to get started.

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