Reach your customers online and offline with a tailor-made advertisement

Besides the point of sale, there are different ways to reach your customer. Advertisements offer a source of convenience and you can now precisely measure the impact of any campaign.

The power of advertising

In a worldwide survey by the GFK – a market research institute – 20,000 consumers were asked which factors have the most influence on their purchasing decision. In addition to the most beautiful plant, an attractive plant label or striking point of sale, there are more factors that can influence a customer when buying green: advertisements.

Influenced by advertisements

Nearly a third of the respondents cite TV and print advertisements as the biggest influence on their purchasing decision. For 29% of the respondents, online advertising is the biggest factor. A deeper analysis of the respondents shows that the Leading Edge Consumers (ie early adopters, influencers and convinced buyers), no less than 58% can be influenced by advertisements on TV, in print or online.

Digital advertisement

The survey also shows that the figures are still increasing when making a purchase via a digital advertisement. 13% of all respondents make more purchases via an online advertisement than the previous year. Moreover, this is 31% more common among the leading Edge Consumers.

Why choose media ads?

Media advertisements are innovative, widely applicable and an indispensable tool nowadays. This is also evident from the figures of the GFK. There are many opportunities for this. Digitally, you can choose from banners on (trade) websites and newsletters or via social media. But in addition to online, there are also many (professional) magazines available for the green market, with which you can reach your customer directly. In addition to this, the data from your advertisements are easily measurable, so you know exactly who you are reaching and what the effect is.

Tailor your online advertisements

Floramedia is equipped with all the knowledge and skills to create a beautiful and impactful advertisement or banner for you. We continuously monitor the latest trends and apply them to our concepts by conducting research in and for the green market. To create an even more effective campaign, we can carry out bespoke, focused research for you so that your advertisements better align with your target group.

We offer you:

  • A team that thinks along with you
  • Appropriate advertisements through research
  • Professionalism and quality that you really benefit from

Are you interested in driving sales through media advertisements? Floramedia have the answers.

Source: GFK

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