Product of the month: Cleverly respond to public holidays with themed concepts

During the holidays consumers have a wide range of flowers and plants to choose from, so let your green products stand out with a festive look.

Well prepared for 2019

What kinds of product marketing do you have in mind for next year? Perhaps you’re thinking about sustainable materials? Or do you want to do something completely different with your corporate identity and produce an all new concept? There are plenty of options!

Themed concepts

Themed concepts for the various (international) holidays are a good addition to your products. Because in preparation for a holiday, the consumer is looking for the perfect gift. For example, the iconic Christmas star (Poinsettia) during Christmas or a bunch of flowers to thank staff or loved ones. During the holidays, there are many more opportunities to bring green products into the minds of consumers.

Christmas inspiration

But as you know there’s plenty of competition. To overcome this, let your planting stand out and use an attractive jacket with a themed design or put your plant label in a special shape, for example, a Christmas tree or Easter egg. Inspiration can be gained by looking at the Christmas decorations in many stores in the coming period. We have some fantastic examples of how to achieve this.

Also think about holiday relevant details on your information carriers during various holidays such as:

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Secretary Day

Do you also export abroad? Then international holidays should not be missed. In Ireland, for example, St. Patrick’s Day is extensively celebrated annually on 17 March. On this holiday the “Shamrock” or clover and the colour green is central. Get in touch to see how we can develop the perfect concept for your Irish customers.

Recognisability for the customer

A creative concept ensures recognisability for the final customer as they know how to appreciate the quality of your products the next time they go shopping. With a good concept for the holidays, it is important to keep this recognisability. In addition, it’s possible to distinguish yourself from the competition with unique and innovative ideas used across the product such as packaging, or by using other communication tools such as:

  • Banners
  • Pot covers
  • Pot boxen
  • Danish cart decoration
  • Shop decoration

We know the green market

Floramedia’s extensive knowledge and expertise means we can create special and perfectly considered concepts. We keep a close eye on the market so that we can respond well to the wishes and needs of the final customer. Our concepts are distinctive and offer indispensable value.

In order to ensure that your product goes through the process of creation, layout, printing and shipping on time, we are happy to make an appointment with you as soon as possible. This is so your product gets to market in time for key 2019 holidays.

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