Add value to your flowers and plants during Mother’s Day

The moment to put all mothers in the spotlight is coming up: Mother’s Day. It’s not only an important moment for mothers, but also an important moment for you as a green company. As in many other celebratory days, nothing expresses the sentiment better than flowers.

International Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world; in the United Kingdom and Ireland, this day falls on March 31. In Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, the day is celebrated on 12 May. In Spain and Portugal mamá and mamãe receive extra attention on 5 May. France, Poland and Sweden will follow on 26 May.

Most popular Mother’s Day gift

Dutch research and consultancy agency Q & A conducted research last year around the popularity of Mother’s Day. This research showed that flowers are still the most popular gifts on this special day. More and more people are also buying their flowers online, 76% of the Dutch recommend this to others. Q & A expects that more will be bought online this year.

Added value

But how does your flower or plant stand out in a crowded market? Provide added value, for example with a beautiful vintage label, a cover or special carrier packaging. For the ever-growing group that buys online, a sturdy shipping package is a must have solution. This ensures that your carefully grown product arrives undamaged. In this way it’s possible to create a real gift experience, fit for any mother on her special day.


To complete the offer for the consumer, choose a custom Mother’s Day design. Floramedia can create these concepts specifically for you. With our offices abroad, you’re ready for Mother’s Days everywhere.

It’s not that far away now so be sure to contact us quickly and we’ll get to work!

Source: Q&A

Image: Vintage labels by Floramedia and Mother’s Day concept by Petunia AMORE™

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