Addenda® switches to 100% sustainable labels and chooses B500 from Floramedia

From 2019, Growers association Addenda® will change its plant labels from polypropylene to the sustainable and biodegradable B500. The 100% renewable material of cellulose is entirely in line with the ambition to make the product and chain substantially more sustainable.

Addenda® makes the difference

In 2018, Addenda® changed course in the field of sustainability, with the growers’ association bringing its joint ambition to life. The aim is to make their product and chain substantially more sustainable. In this way, the vision also actively required the sourcing of sustainable packaging materials and labels. The association has therefore opted for Floramedia’s renewable material B500. Less energy is used in the production of bio-based materials and the CO2 emissions from the production of these materials are generally lower. These are all factors that Addenda® also monitors and improves in its own chain.

About B500

In addition to 100% renewable, the new label material is also FSC certified. B500 is made of cellulose, a material that is extracted from the cell walls of mainly trees. The durable material is also water-repellent thanks to a bio-based coating on both sides of the label. Plant labels from B500 may simply be thrown in the paper bin after use and are therefore perfect for recycling. As a result, valuable raw materials are not lost.

We are proud that Addenda® has chosen one of our sustainable materials. Do you also want to transfer to a material with a lower impact on the environment? We’d be happy to advise you on plastic free possibilities.

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