Floramedia Special Features: The Colour Your Story Autumn Winter 2019-2020

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The Colour Your Story Autumn Winter 2019-2020 is out! This latest edition is all about making conscious choices. Floramedia has once again contributed to the inspiring booklet and has two spreads in the edition.

Colour Your Story Magazines of Desch Plantpak

Every year Desch Plantpak presents two inspiring magazines: a spring / summer edition and an autumn / winter edition. The company conceives and creates innovative solutions for professional horticulture and produces high-quality thermoform pots, containers, packs and trays.

With the biennial booklet full of trends and information, Desch Plantpak inspires growers, breeders and retailers to launch new and successful products to market. The Colour Your Story magazines are packed with colourful photography, new products and other industry developments.

Autumn Winter 2019-2020 edition

In the new autumn and winter edition, making conscious choices is central. For example, Kees Waqué of Desch Plantpak writes in his foreword that consumers’ purchasing behaviour is no longer solely determined by fashion trends, but conscious choices, which play an ever-increasing role in contributing toward a better environment.

Special features

Floramedia can be found in the latest edition with two specials features. You can read them here:



A heavenly concept created by Floramedia

The primula can thanks a legend for her nickname:
On a warm spring day, St. Peter, the guardian of Heaven’s gate, fell asleep. His golden key chain fell down and landed next to a girl who was playing in a beautiful meadow down below on earth. Surprised, she called her parents to come over, but the keys had vanished again. In their place, a plant was growing with sparkling, golden-yellow flowers. She called her heavenly discovery ‘key flowers’ and cared well for them to make sure they would continue to sparkle and flower.

This Perola concept with labels, pot covers and POS materials is produced by Floramedia and was commissioned by Schoneveld Breeding. As a grower, you can be part of the sales concept of Primula Perola, with its firm stems and high-quality flowers.


Steps towards a sustainable future

There is an increasing demand for sustainable products, and the green market is no exception. This is why Floramedia is continuously developing sustainable plant labels.

For example, we now offer four materials to replace the current plastic plant labels: RPP based on 100% recycled polypropylene, RPS based on 100% recycled polystyrene, ECO35 based on sugar cane and B500 based on cellulose.

It is time for a sustainable ornamental plant sector! We have collected all our knowledge of materials in our first white paper, which you can obtain free of charge via our website.

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