Floramedia talks about the future of sustainability with Floraldaily.com

By 05/03/2019Newsletter

In a recent newsletter, Floraldaily.com published an interview with our art director Judith Klute and product developer Michel Braan.

“Sustainable future is in innovation and mentality change”

In the interview, edited by Geert Peeters, Michel and Judith talked about the sustainable ambitions of Floramedia and how, in addition to materials and products, the mentality should also change for a sustainable future. Both colleagues are part of the project group that investigates how Floramedia can become more sustainable as a company in the coming years. The two complement each other perfectly with their different expertise. As a product developer, Michel looks at what can be improved in the technical field, while Judith, with her role as art director, talks to the customer about what is possible in creative terms.

The interview also sheds light on the commercial feasibility of new solutions and the change in mentality that is needed by both consumers and producers.


Floraldaily.com is an important news outlet for the international flower and plant sector. Through their website and popular newsletter, they publish daily news and features from the green sector.

The article is certainly worth reading and you can find it here: “Sustainable future is in innovation and mentality change”.

Would you like to know more about our sustainable ambitions or how we can help you to fulfil yours? Please contact us.

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