New houseplant photography in sustainable sets

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Floramedia Studio is preparing for the new season with new sets, plants and of course new photography!

Winter in the Studio

The winter season is a time when fewer plants are in bloom. This is often a quieter period for photography in our Studio but it is a great time to do other jobs! For example, thinking of new sets and building them. Work is also being done on the photography planning for the coming year.

Photographing indoor plants

Winter is also the perfect time to photograph houseplants! The photographers specially made time to shoot a large number of houseplants in preparation for the new season. A considerable amount of different hanging plants are featured on the list as some beautiful portraits where required.

New species

The photo models that were on the list this year were houseplants that we had not yet made available on our image bank or were due for renewal. The newly photographed plants include:

Sustainable sets

Our team of photographers have photographed the plants in different settings. This gives a good impression of the plants in various interior styles. To achieve this, the team analyses current trends and then applies them to the interior sets. Trends for this year include: products and accessories from natural and pure materials, recycled materials, sustainable products and round shapes.

Want to see the results? All images are available immediately and can be ordered from our Picture Library!

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