The use of embossing brings your print products to life

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Do you want to bring your print products to life? We can do this by using embossing.

Embossing in the printing process

Your design comes alive with embossing and it gets an attention-grabbing appearance. But what exactly is embossing? It is a technique in the printing process used to add extra impact to products. We do this by pressing the material between two stamps, creating a floor or elevation. As a result, plant labels or packaging literally stand out!

The right material for you

Material selection is important when applying embossing. The thicker and softer the material, the better the end result! In addition, the design is also an important factor in the embossing process; for the best result, opt for details that aren’t too fine. But no worries, our colleagues can show you various examples of suitable materials and explain exactly what is possible for your design.

Different effects

The embossing is always two-sided, at the front you will see the desired effect and at the back, you will find the embossed mirror image. We can apply this for you in combination with ink or without, for added interest. The difference can be clearly seen through the effect of light and shadow on plant labels, packaging, flower cards or greeting cards.

Due to the height or depth in your printed matter, embossing has visual as well as physical impact. Want to know more? Get in touch to see the possibilities.

You can see the difference in this picture: printing with ink but no embossing, just embossing and last but not lease print and embossing.

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