De Fruithof asked us to thoroughly renew its label and packaging line, and brand. From a client perspective, there was a great need to position De Fruithof in a unique way and to give it a distinctive personality within the European retail sector.

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By giving the brand its own character and designing the plant packaging in a unique manner, Floramedia managed to increase consumers’ attention for the brand. With a successful photographic look, Floramedia has created a successful image and managed to gain a strong position in the market for De Fruithof’s fruit trees.

Iconic labels with an attractive logo were developed. The labels feature a sleek and modern font. The concept revolves around the image of attractive fruit, combined with the white fresh appearance of the packaging. All these elements are used in de Fruithof’s advertising, labelling, packaging and point-of-sale items to ensure consistent communication. Labelling and packaging is designed to display the characteristics and advantages of fruit.


commercial nursery and wholesaler
for fruit trees and fruit plants

De Fruithof is a commercial nursery and wholesaler of fruit trees and fruit plants grown specifically for consumers. Its years of experience and knowledge guarantee uniform, distinctive and visually appealing products of excellent quality.

De Fruithof’s fruit trees feature slow-growing rootstocks, which means they are not only suitable for private gardens, but they also give really tasty fruits. Which is of course what matters!

Our company and staff are deeply involved in the welfare and success of our customers, which makes doing business with Floramedia both memorable and beneficial. Floramedia offers green communication solutions with a direct and efficient service.

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